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There is a long standing debate about the differences between vintage and retro, and it is probably one that will always be open to interpretation.

Technically, for something to be classed as vintage, it must be dated as over 20 years old. Retro clothing is something that is out of style of the current era, but not older than 20 years old. Vintage clothes are completely made of a design that is antiquated and consists of no adjustments, whereas retro clothes are new apparel using styles of the past.

Got it? Shades of grey? Are you thinking of psychedelic patterns when reading the word retro? Thought so! Read on….

Let’s break it down a little. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were cool in the 90’s. If you wear a brand new t-shirt with them on it, it's retro!

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Grans handbag that she used as a young girl but has now been sitting in the wardrobe since 1953, that is vintage, because it’s a genuinely old item.

Retro clothing are new clothes inspired by the past to give that vintage style look. Retro clothing may not be old but it echoes styles from the past.

Retro clothes tend to take real stereotypical trends that make an era so identifiable and use them to create a new garment. The age of inspiration can usually be easily dated as key styles or icons are employed in the design.

The most iconic of the retro genre is probably the crazy prints and rockabilly dresses and rockabilly clothing from the 50’s that women so love for their ability to completely flatter and accentuate the female form.

Rockabilly Dresses, Retro Dresses, 50s Style Dresses

The thing with retro is that it is the next best thing to buying vintage clothing.

The Daily Mail recently reported that the average woman of today has a waist that is six inches larger than our old fashioned ancestors, so the sizing in vintage clothes can be somewhat ‘out’ compared to the modern dress sizes of today.

This is where retro clothing steps in and takes the lead to give you your ‘vintage inspired’ look, complete with the modern sizes of today. However, because they are designed to be as close to the original as possible, the flattering cuts of yesteryear are carried through.

So for those who are struggling to find their vintage fit, maybe retro is the route to go down whilst on the hunt for an original.

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