Unique Vintage Styling from My Vintage

My Vintage are unique in many ways. One of our most popular perks is our FREE personal styling service. Whether you are going to a wedding, off on holiday, going on a hot date, attending your prom, or just feel like updating your wardrobe with some unique vintage pieces or alternative clothing - this service can save you a lot of time, stress and money.

You can take advantage of our FREE personal styling service in one of four ways as follows:

1. Email
Simply email Emma at emma@myvintage.co.uk and let her know your dress size and your kind of shape (top heavy, athletic, pear shaped etc). Don't worry if you don't know exactly what shape you are, just tell her what you know about the way clothes fit you or even send a full length photograph over.

You can also include any extra details; for example "I prefer original vintage clothing over vintage style clothing", "50s clothing and 1940s fashion are my favourite", "I hate floral prints" or "I wear a lot of black so I would like to try a little bit of colour" and she will take note of all your points. Feel free to also give her a budget if you have one in mind.

Emma will then compile a shortlist of her top selections from the current stock, things that she knows will really fit and flatter you. The rest is up to you, there is no obligation to buy, but if you do then we guarantee you'll be one very happy customer.

2. Telephone
If you'd prefer to give the above details over the phone, just call Emma on 01254 774701 and she will have a chat with you and take all your details down.

3. Social Media
If it's easier or more convenient for you, then just contact Emma via her Twitter or Facebook pages.
Twitter name - emmabphilosophy
Facebook page - My Vintage

4. In-store
Finally, if you can get to Darwen in Lancashire then why not make an appointment for a free face-to-face consultation at our vintage boutique? Just call 01254 774701 to book your slot.