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Original vintage Escada mini dress in monochrome florals. UK size 10/12.
Price: £95.00
Black and yellow animal print blouse from the 1980s. UK size 16.
Price: £24.00
Gorgeous navy semi sheer blouse from the 1970s. UK size 12/14.
Price: £22.00
Womens vintage green satin jeans from the early 1990s. UK size 10.
Price: £15.00
Fab 1980s vintage red cut out patterned jumper from My Vintage. UK size 12.
Price: £20.00
Stunning original 1980s beaded and sequin top from Frank Usher. UK size 14.
Price: £48.00
Original vintage Istante Couture dress, highly collectable and rare. UK size 10.
Price: £180.00
Original 80s vintage Versace Couture dress, highly collectable and rare. UK size 10/12.
Price: £195.00
Original 1970s vintage red leather patchwork shoulder bag.
Price: £22.00
Beautiful original 1980s coral evening dress from My Vintage, UK size 10.
Price: £40.00
Original 1980s vintage grey snakeskin style clutch/shoulder bag.
Price: £18.00
Original 1970s vintage boho style beige and cream rattan bag.
Price: £12.00
Original vintage 1950s black swing dress, Mad Men style. UK size 10.
Price: £105.00
Stunning original 1970s signature knit from Missoni. UK size 10/12.
Price: £160.00
Original 1980s vintage prom dress, mega 80s style, UK size 8.
Price: £40.00
Original vintage 1970s pink and cream maxi dress. Ideal for an evening out. UK size 8.
Price: £40.00
Amazing vintage floral beach/holiday set from the 1960s. UK size 6/8
Price: £45.00
Original vintage Karl Lagerfeld dress, highly collectable. UK size 8.
Price: £350.00
Vintage Western style denim studded waistcoat from the 1970s. UK size 8/10.
Price: £20.00