Vintage Clothing Videos

At My Vintage, we bring you a whole host of informative videos about many areas of vintage clothing, vintage fashion, fashion trends, vintage hair, vintage makeup and more.

Our Vintage Experience

We have been collecting and selling vintage clothing for many years so we have a wealth of knowledge about different eras of fashion as well as fabrics, designers and garments. We also have a passion for styling and love to give you fashion inspiration.

Video #1 - All About My Vintage - Vintage Clothing Shop

Find out more about My Vintage, our vintage shop, the unique vintage we sell and the people behind it by watching our recent promotional video here.

Video #2 - Top 5 On Trend Vintage Clothing Picks - SS16

In this video, Emma shows us her top 5 on trend vintage picks from the current selection of vintage clothing and retro clothing at My Vintage. Available in-store and online.