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Whether you love the full retro look, or like to mix a little vintage with contemporary fashion; the one thing you need is a capsule wardrobe of stylish pieces that will see you through many seasons.

Choosing those core pieces will ensure that your wardrobe is filled with numerous combinations that work perfectly every time whether it’s for workwear, casual attire or special occasions.

Here at My Vintage, we have pulled together the 5 essential pieces that every girl needs in her staple collection. Invest in these and you will find it oh so easy to create a myriad of outfits with the simple addition of accessories and statement items.

Number 1: The Little Black Dress

OK, you don’t need us to tell you that every wardrobe needs an LBD. This is an absolute no brainer and can take you from business meeting to dinner date in the blink of an eye. One you have your chosen black dress, you can add a blazer or cardigan, combine with simply pearls or statement jewels; and even your choice of footwear can take you from demure Audrey Hepburn to sexy Marilyn Monroe from one day to the next.

Number 2: The Wide Leg Trousers
This may not be something you’ve considered, as there can be a common misconception that they only suit a certain body type. The truth is, a good pair of wide legged trousers look great on anyone, it’s just a case of choosing and styling them carefully. The first thing is to make sure they are high waisted, this is so much more flattering for every figure. As for styling, petite girls should always ensure that the top half is very fitted. It’s is also better if the waistband of the trousers is shown, so cropped tops or tops tucked in is best. If you do want to have a looser or longer top, this is best suited to taller frames to avoid imbalance.

Number 3: The Fitted Cardigan

It’s easy to overlook a fitted retro cardigan, (such an unsexy word!) but this is such a great piece for your wardrobe. There are so many colours and styles to choose from; but our advice is to go for something in those key colours of black, red or blue to start with. The most important aspect of this is that the cardigan sits above your hips. Any longer than this and your silhouette will be affected and you will lose definition. A good fitted cardigan will look great with most outfits, from dresses to trousers and swing skirts to pencil.

Number 4 – The Net Petticoat

A vintage style wardrobe just isn’t complete without a gorgeous fluffy petticoat. This is that final piece in the puzzle that brings your 1950s inspired look together and adds the cherry on top. There can be a misconception that the extra fullness widens your outline at the hips, but this is infact the contrary. When you wear a swing dress or skirt, a petticoat adds volume that then accentuates you waist. This actually makes you look even slimmer and more hourglass! This effect can be exaggerated even further by using a stretchy waist belt. Our top tip for your first petticoat purchase is to go for a white or a black. These will be more wearable with more colour combinations as your wardrobe grows!

Number 5 – The Tea Dress
No matter your size or shape, a vintage style tea dress is a fantastic choice. The beauty of the tea dress is that it sits pretty much in the middle between a pencil dress and a swing dress. Whilst both these styles are flattering on most figures, there tends to be one that suits you more than the other. Tea dresses offer a neat top and a gently flared skirt, meaning they offer the best of both worlds. The other beauty of a tea dress is versatility. You can easily wear on to work, at the weekend, to a party, a picnic, the list goes on. You can go for a print or a plain colour and there are so many different necklines and pretty details to choose from too. We love them!

We hope you enjoyed our round up of your must have pieces. And as always, if you have any comments or questions, we love to hear from you! Don’t forget you can visit us at our vintage shop in Lancashire or shop 24/7 online for even more fabulous unique vintage clothing or vintage style clothing and accessories.

Until next time,
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for me, the 1980s are often overlooked as the decade style forgot or the decade of the naff but I absolutely love 80s vintage!

Maybe because I was a child of the 80s my view is different from those who were adults at the time, but I just absolutely adore the sheer experimentation, colour and novelty of the era and that is represented perfectly by costume jewellery. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and Jean Paul Gautier really encapsulate the 1980s with it’s play on gender in fashion and it’s fearless exploration of colour, style and material.

The late eighties was also an era that saw costume jewellery from a bygone age surge in popularity and of course, in turn, value. People were looking more and more towards the gems of the past for fashion and inspiration. It was a though non-precious jewellery just came into it’s own and was valued and appreciated as an artform that was worthy of worldwide recognition. There were even jewellery designers at this time, such as Robert Sorrell, who created replicas and jewellery with a nod towards the glamour of the 30s and 40s. His large and unapologetic pieces were made from the finest and flashiest Austrian crystal and were used by Thierry Mugler for his wild and extravagant catwalk fashion shows.

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to ever reach the position of British Prime Minister, and this was not just politically significant but also made a huge leap in modern day gender roles and expectation. Not long after, John T Molloy published “Women: Dress for Success” which was a style guide for the new executive women of the decade. Molloy believed there were a new set of rules for the women in the workplace when it came to fashion, and this included jewellery.

Probably one of the more shocking pieces of advice to us reading this in 2017 was ‘The most useful piece of jewellery any businesswoman can wear is a wedding ring. A wedding ring announces to the world that you are there for business and nothing else’. Less said about that the better! Some of his other advice in the book included…

” If you have expensive jewellery, don’t wear it on the first meeting. Sneak up to people with it. Otherwise it will have the effect of artillery.

Anything that clangs, bangs or jangles should be avoided.

Dangling earrings are out ”

That may have been the way of things in the boardroom, but in the world of fashion and youth culture, the 80s was very much about dangling earrings and ALL things that clang, bang and jangle!

Cuff bracelets made comeback after the thinner more delicate bracelets of the preceding decades, and these were really thick, chunky and statement pieces. By the same token, charm bracelets were popular and the thick wrist chains adorned with all manner of novelty danglies were no longer just for the younger generation.

When it came to necklaces, crucifixes were a massive trend (particular thanks to Madonna for this) and there was also quite a trend for wearing lots of necklaces at once. Gold tended to reign over silver in the style stakes but if the 80s did anything, they did COLOUR!

That’s were plastic really came into it’s own again in the 1980s. Just look at pop stars of the time such as Cyndi Lauper, and you would see them covered in huge plastic bangles, thick plastic chains with all manner of pendants and garish earrings and rings. Loud, novelty, in your face – even neon and glow in the dark were huge. Even if this isn’t to your personal taste, it’s hard not to at least smile at the fun of it all and enjoy the nostalgia. Just a little…

At My Vintage you can find a whole host of 1980s jewellery. From vintage earrings to vintage charm bracelets, and from vintage beads to colourful hair bows. If it’s 80s then we’ve probably got it somewhere!

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Vintage. Retro. Rockabilly. Mod. There are so many terms that fly around in the world of vintage fashion. Sometimes these terms can be a bit daunting, and sometimes it’s frustrating for me as a collector and dealer when these terms are misused or misrepresented. So to make things a little clearer I have compiled a small beginners vintage related glossary that should see you through!

Vintage clothing

There are several schools of thought here and many people think of vintage as just clothing from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. But the definition of vintage clothing is different to that of vintage cars, vintage wines or vintage cheeses and this must be remembered. If you ask 3 different dealers you may get three different answers but the true definition of vintage clothing is any item of clothing over 25 years old. So don’t dismiss clothes from the 60s 70s, 80s and 90s as yes, they are vintage too!

Retro clothing

The word retro is short for retrospective so retro clothing items are those that are in the style of times gone by. Therefore a brand new t-shirt that has a 1980s slogan on it is retro as it takes it’s inspiration from the past.

Reproduction clothing

Often shortened to “repro”, these garments are newly made but imitate iconic clothing styles of the past. The most popular types of repro clothing are from the 40s, 50s and 60s.


An antique item is collectable or desirable due to it’s age and it’s value is dependent on rarity, condition, provenance, beauty and utility. As a general rule of thumb, an antique object is at least 75 years old.


If something is kitsch it’s basically so bad it’s good! Considered bad taste, kitsch items are garish and tacky but often in a cool ironic kind of way. Kitsch tends to be mass produced, melodramatic and gaudy. We love it!


Rockabilly music is rock and roll and country, originating in late 50s America. When it comes to clothing, the rockabilly look is bold American 50s style with lots of denim, gingham, bandannas and tattoo prints. The rockabilly look is really fun to try and can be easily achieved with a few key pieces.


The mods were a cultural group of the 1960s, opposed to the rockers and renowned for their clean cut modern dressing. Mod clothing is very distinctive with mini skirts, scooter dresses and colour blocking for the girls and slim cut trousers, dapper shirts and pea-coats for the boys.


After the first world war the flapper girl emerged with her short bobbed hair, fringed dress, long strands of beads and cloche hat. She was quite controversial and eyebrows and hemlines were raised!


The original hippies were the peace sharing, free loving movement of the 1960s. The hippy look is full of lose fitting ethnic styles, natural fabrics, peasant blouses, maxi skirts and flowers in the hair. Psychedelic and tie dye prints are a must.


The disco clothing movement was born in the mid seventies following the infamous Saturday Night Fever. Think Bell bottom trousers, spandex, polyester jumpsuits and leotards plus lots and lots of sequins! All teamed with big hair and bright palette make up complete with the birth of the glossy lips.

New Romantic

This was a short lived fashion movement of the eighties, heavily influenced by the mythical fantasy films of the time. Pop bands dressed in fancy clothes, played synthesised music and sang about love and heartbreak against glamorous backdrops.

Hope you found this post useful!

Bye for now!
MV xx

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Greetings lovely readers, can you quite believe that it’s 2017? Nope, neither can we! But fear not, you won’t be seeing any diet plans, exercise regimes or ways to give up anything here. This is a guilt free zone!

New year new you? No thanks, the old you is just fine with us! How about we just get excited about brand new outfits for a brand new year? Sounds good doesn’t it?

As always, we have our ear to the ground and our eye on the catwalks, making sure we know the trends that you simply need for the coming months. And as you know we greatly believe in wearability; we want to get these trends just right for you.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and our vintage fashion expertise, here are some of the biggest trends for 2017 along with ideas of outfits you can create with the help of My Vintage…

Head to Toe Colour

Usually seen as a fashion faux pas; you’ll be wearing head to toe colour before you know it! And no, we don’t mean black. Here is some fashpiration from the My Vintage collections…

I love this Jackie O inspired vintage suit in the cutest shade of mint green. Springtime pastels are my favourite, and this would look so cute dressed down with flats and a scarf too.

There’s nothing to not love about an original 1940s skirt suit from Norman Hartnell – the cut, the fabric, the colour. Just yes! Perfect worn with heels boots or flats. A stunning investment piece.

Shoulder Pads

Oh yes! the 1980s are calling once again and shoulder need to be defined this year. Not convinced? If it’s good enough for Chanel it’s good enough for us! Here’s our top My Vintage picks…

Oooh, we love a good vintage shirtwaister and this ticks so many boxes. Another great bit of pastel with the most adorable large polka dot print. Thos shoulder are big, but their rounded shape makes them much easier to wear if you are new to 80s padding! Again, great for work or play.

Perfect with black skinny jeans and heels, this awesome vintage top in electric blue has a stunning sequin flash that just makes it all the better. Again, padded shoulders but still very wearable. All over the trend…

Bold Stripes

Make like a deck chair and get stripy for summer 2017! Any colour will do, and don’t be scared of horizontal stripes either. They can work really well. Just try, try, try! Here’s our picks…

There are few words to describe how gorgeous this jacket/blazer is. A vintage Kenzo piece in deep blue and white, looks so good with dresses and jeans as well as styled with shorts as we have done here.

You’ve got to love a roll neck and this vintage one from St Michael is divine! Gorgeous colours of purple and orange, this would look amazing layered up with shorts and wellies for the festival season, or tucked into tight trousers and worn with a jacket or jumper over the top.

They have got to be our top three trends for the coming season, with bold stripes just pipping the post for our ultimate fave. As always, with My Vintage you can hit those key fashion trends whilst still remaining completely unique – the very best of both worlds.

Please do let us know in the comments what your favourite trend or vintage piece for 2017 is and we’ll be back really soon with more.

Bye for now!
MV xx

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I just don’t think it’s possible to wear a glorious vintage petticoat without immediately twirling and whirling around the room! And I think that’s exactly why we love them so much here at My Vintage!

The whole fun and beauty of 1950s fashion is most definitely infectious; harking back to the bygone innocence of excited teenage girls spinning and giggling with their beau’s on the dance floor, or waiting to be chosen to dance next.

I just love the romantic idea of pretty pastel swing dresses with layers of netting, bobby socks and pumps and milkshakes in the diner… it’s every little girl’s dream, and if you’re anything like me; there’s nothing more comforting than those childhood dreams and memories.

One thing I have heard many times from ladies in the shop, is the common misconception that some how wearing a petticoat under your gorgeous swing skirt, is somehow less flattering and can make you look bigger… WRONG!

Let’s get this myth dispelled once and for all! If you think about that killer 50s silhouette, the shoulders would be relatively broad, wist nipped right in (often with a stretch belt for even more definition) and then the huge puffy skirt. And that nipped in waist is exactly what makes this an amazingly flattering look! The key to getting this just right, it to identify where your smallest part is. For some of us this is the part just under the bust, also known as a high waist. For others, it’s right in the middle, and if you are low waisted then then it can even be a little further down. But once you have identified this, that’s the place you need to cinch in when wearing a swing skirt/dress and glorious petticoat. This is balance you perfectly and create the most flattering look and shape.

So now you know where to cinch your waist in, you can choose from so many different colours and types of petticoat. If you are lucky enough to find an original 1950s vintage petticoat then treasure it, as these are not so easy to find. We have had some really gorgeous examples in the past at my vintage, from delicate lemon to powder blue, and even a gorgeous baby pink with polka dots!

But fear not if you don’t have an original; as there are so many fantastic reproduction petticoats available in a rainbow of colours!

And yes of course, like any item of clothing or fashion; there are many different types of vintage style petticoats on the market. We’ve seen most, if not all of them and we absolutely have our favouvites, which we stock both online and in store.

Our vintage style petticoats are full, fluffy, bouncy and most importantly – not scratchy! And just a little extra tip for you to boot… once you get your glorious petticoat from My Vintage; keep it scrunched up in a bag, drawer, cupboard or shelf and it will stay fuller for longer!

If you have any questions about petticoats, 50s style fashion or indeed anything else in vintage world; please do not hesitate to get in touch!


On Saturday 20th August, our hometown of Darwen held their annual 1940s Day. This is always such a fantastic event and attracts people from all over the North West.

Celebrating all that is 1940s, the day is filled with live music, original vintage vehicles and memorabilia, dancers, food and many other attractions. We are only a small town but it is fantastic when we all get together and make these brilliant events happen.

This year was a little different for us, as we joined forces with several other Darwen businesses to put on a very unique and interesting show. Entitled ‘The Darwen Women of Business History of Fashion Show’; this was not your average catwalk offering. Instead, the brilliantly creative Margaret from Home and Serena (3 day market) came up with a concept which explored the history of 1940s fashion, based around two weddings.

Also involved with the bridal side of things, was the wonderful Areles Bridal boutique and of course all the other 1940s clothing was supplied by non other than My Vintage!

It was really wonderful to get involved with other like minded and enthusiastic women to create this mini masterpiece and even though it was hard and took a lot of work and time, we were all really proud of the end result. The show was made up of several scenes; and was narrated in the good old fashioned Pathé voice too, giving it even more authenticity. The models were fantastic, not a professional in sight as we were so lucky to be helped out by family and friends. They looked amazing and did so well in their roles – it really was a brilliant show!

It was such amazing fun fitting all of the models with their 1940s dresses, vintage fur stoles, vintage shoes, vintage accessories and 1940s style outfits! We had florals, polka dots and seamed stockings coming out of our ears! A very VERY special mention and thanks absolutely has to go to our lovely Hayley who was priceless at every stage of the show, from the initial brainstorming meetings, to the fittings, and particularly on the day itself where she almost single handedly ran the whole thing on her own! There were a lot of people to dress and direct, as well as many props and setups; and she managed it all with such amazing professionalism. So thank you Hayley – you are a superstar!

But of course, it wasn’t just the models in the fashion show who were wearing outfits from My Vintage, lots of lovely ladies from local businesses and market stalls also cam ein to buy their forties get up for the big day!

Two of my absolute favourite photos came from the tastiest places in Darwen! Firstly, the lovely ladies of Deli Carlo and secondly the gorgeous girls of The Sweet Shop and Vintage Tea Room. I’m sure you’ll agree that these photos are seriously fabulous!

Thank you so much you glorious ladies, for your support and swesome styling! Making our dresses come to life – I just love it!

So all in all it was a great day, and it seems that each year the event just keeps getting better and better. Next year will be the 8th 1940s Day and we are already excited at the possibilites. Why not come and join us?
Bye for now!
Em x

As always, there are some great trends emerging for Autumn/Winter 2016 that are heavily influenced from the past. One of our favourite things to do at My Vintage is to use original and unique vintage pieces in order to create on-trend high fashion looks that are still completely individual and cannot be copied!

That way, you get the best of both worlds, a striking on trend outfit plus that perfectly smug feeling when you turn to your adoring friends and say “oh this? It’s vintage…”

Here I’ve rounded up my Fab Five Autumn Trends with a clever little pick from My Vintage for each one too!

1. Velvet

First up, this luxe fabric has made an appearance in so many decades of fashion, and shows absolutely no signs of slowing. Decadent and sensual, velvet is just one of those fabrics you can’t help but fall in love with. For the velvet trend, I’ve picked out this glorious vintage skirt from the wonderful Susan Small. An original 1970s piece, this long deep brown velvet skirt has the most gorgeous geometric design as well as dainty polka dots. It would look great styled with a cami and gladiators or with boots and a jumper on those colder days and nights. It’s approximately a UK12 and is priced at £58.00.

2. Sun, Moon and Stars
There have been some amazing catwalk shows featuring a full glittering galaxy of suns, moons, stars and planets. Anything that involves sequins, sparkles, lurex and beading is always the top of my list so I simply had to choose this awesome vintage 1980s Starburst Sequin Jumper. It measures as a UK 10/12 but would look great worn oversized too. It’s a snip at £24 and won’t be around for long!

3. Animal Print

It came, it went, it came again, animal print is a real yo-yo when it comes to fashion. But there is no doubt that everything from leopard to tiger, and zebra to cheetah has grace the aw16 catwalks. I’ve chosen this super cool and relaxed vintage shirt from the 1980s, in a funky black and yellow giraffe style print. This will be such a versatile piece, working the 90s look over a little black dress, tied at the waist with mum jeans, or even worn tucked in and tailored with a sultry pencil skirt and stilettos. It’s £24 and will fit a variety of sizes up to a UK16. Grab it before it runs away!

4. The Mac

Yes, once again, the trusty mac is well and truly back. Always a very timeless and classic piece, the mac is practical as well as chic. Wheter worn with tailored threads in the corporate world, with relaxed casuals at the weekend, or even over evening wear in the great British weather; the mac has a place in every girl’s wardrobe. I selected this gorgeous vintage inspired black mac from our range of brand new vintage style clothing. The beauty of this is that it means there are a varietyof sizes available! I’d get yours while you can…

5. Sweetheart Neckline

Last, but by no means least, the absolute must-have neckline of the season is the sweetheart. For me, this is without doubt one of the most flattering styles you can wear, no matter what your shape or size. This is also the perfect trend to tackle with a vintage twist, as there are so many 1950s dresses and tops that include this ever so pretty shape. For me, the real beauty of the sweetheart neckline is that it’s a little flirty and feminine, but still leaves enough to the imagination. There were so many items I could have chosen, but in the end I simply had to go for this simple and sophisticated retro LBD. It fits perfecty well with any 40s or 50s theme, but can equally sit quite easily with it’s modern counterparts thanks to it’s amazing curvy shape and attention to detail. It’s a fabulous, flattering piece that will see you through many a season!

I hope you like my trend round up, and the items I’ve picked out. I would love to see what you have put together too, so remember to send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and show me your awesome ideas!

Until next time

Em, My Vintage xx

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Famed for her invention of the little black dress and Chanel No 5 perfume, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s appeal has endured for almost a century so far, and there is no sign of her influence waning any time soon.

Chanel was a free thinker, wearing loose, boyish clothes because they suited her. She didn’t demand that people follow her; in fact, her original hat designs for other people were the same confections of frills and lace as were seen in other Edwardian fashions. It was the hats she wore herself, plain straw boaters with a dashing ribbon attached that people asked her for. Her plain, convent school dresses, as well as adaptions of her boyfriend’s outfits stood out, and it was her attitude and the way that she wore them that made them chic. She pioneered the use of black and white in accessories, and wore all white dresses as often as all black ones, although it is the little black ones that have come down to use. She loved long ropes of pearls amongst her other jewels, and her signature fabrics are tweeds and easy, practical jerseys. Clean, unfussy lines rule her look, with the iconic double C logo being recognised worldwide.

Chanel’s perfumes are also a worldwide brand. Marilyn Monroe famously announced that at night, she wore only “five drops of Chanel No 5”. This proclamation sent women rushing to anoint themselves with it.

She designed for The Ballet Russe and for plays by Jean Cocteau, although was never a success in Hollywood. Some parts of her legacy are difficult to trace, since she often changed her story.

She died in 1971, and Karl Lagerfeld took up the reigns of Chanel a little over a decade later, which he has headed, to great success, ever since.

You can shop for designer vintage and vintage clothing dating from the 1920s to the 1990s at our vintage shop based in Lancashire, or shop 24/7 on our website for even more vintage fashion.

Thanks for reading….

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With throw away fashion and a new style each season there are many reasons to love vintage clothing. It’s never goes away, you make your own style and if you care about the environment then vintage clothes are the answer to cheaply made clothes that end up on a landfill site.

There are many different types of vintage clothing that attract; you may have a penchant for vintage bags, vintage shoes or vintage dresses. You may enjoy collecting vintage hats or vintage coats and jackets. Maybe you like collecting custom made pieces that have a particular look that defined an era in terms of fashion, like the 1970s maxi dresses, 1960s mini dresses or the flirty 50s swing dresses.

Perhaps you collect designer vintage or haute couture. Now that is a very different animal. Haute couture was made to measure to suit the person’s body measurements, haute is “high” from the French and couture is dressmaking or needlework thus “high fashion.” Unlike custom made garments then, they were usually made by hand and were painstakingly put together by careful hand sewing and stitching. If an outfit had beads or sequins then they would be hand stitched too, perhaps amounting to thousands of tiny beads that would take hours to complete.

Haute Couture started in the 19th century and the list of designers who started out is like a who’s who of famous designers, such as Elsa Shiaparelli, Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin and Paul Poiret. As you can imagine it’s the high end of vintage fashion and it’s not cheap. If you want a piece of haute couture then prepare to spend. There are many places to look both on the high street and online. For High street you need to know where to look, there are a few exclusive shops that will sell haute couture pieces, but look online to find out where they are and call before turning up. Pinterest have some beautiful pieces that deserve a look. If you don’t want to search too hard then My Vintage have some haute couture gowns, some of which are extremely rare.

Naturally, haute couture needs careful care and handling, it’s not just a case of buying it and chucking it to the back of the wardrobe and hoping for the best. This is a financial investment, one of which you want to sell on eventually, if it no longer fits, or if you no longer care for it. You may be able to get more than you originally paid, so it pays to take care of your covetable piece of haute couture once you get it home.

Most of all however, enjoy your piece, you’ve probably had to search high and low for that perfect vintage dress, properly taken care of, it can go on to give you years of pleasure.

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Copyright 2016 My Vintage…Written by Emma at My Vintage.
One of the nicest things about clothing fashions is the fact that they are constantly changing. Trendy items and must have outfit choices are versatile and often changed quickly which means that fashion is something that can never become boring. That said, sometimes this ever change in fashion and trends can become expensive – especially if you are someone that strives to keep up to date with all of the latest cat-walk items.

However, the good news is that it isn’t always about buying new items and sometimes there are items that you can make use of in your wardrobe, so the cost is zero! One of the biggest thing about fashion like this is that retro and vintage items often come back into fashion, which can also help keep the cost of staying on trend affordable too.

Of course if you want to buy vintage clothing you can do that too! Vintage clothing can be swapped up and worn in so many ways, so it is easy to style it in a way that suits you and keep things interesting!

Wearing Authentic Vintage Clothing

Generally items that were made before the 1960’s are considered genuine vintage items. You’ll notice that the feel of the material with these items is different to modern day choices so that help to give you a good indication as to whether they are genuine or not. If you’re worried then there are lots of replica items that can look just as good as their genuine counterparts.

One of the nicest things about vintage clothing, whether authentic or not is that styling it is relatively easy once you get to grips with it. In fact many people choose to mix and match retro and modern items. So for example you could wear a pair of high waisted trousers which are bang on trend at the moment and team this up with a retro style blouse or simply give a nod to retro fashion with the right choice of shoes.

Styling vintage Items

Make up and beauty trends around at the moment are perfect for vintage fashion choices, so styling up items should not be difficult. Much like any clothing choices you need to have a think about your body shape and what suits you best.

Tailoring was massive for many retro trends so if you do get some items that you find don’t quite suit you as much as you would like, you can always get it changed up a bit to suit you perfectly.

You can choose to go all out when it comes to vintage fashion or simply add the odd item into your wardrobe – even the right choices of shoes or accessories can help to make your outfit just vintage enough.

Remember that fashion is all about breaking the rules and wearing items that you love and this is the same whether you’re talking about modern items or you’re considering vintage trends, so experiment and find clothing items that you are nothing less than in love with.

Don’t forget to visit my vintage for a huge range of unique vintage clothing, vintage accessories and vintage jewellery online, or visit our vintage boutique in Darwen, Lancashire for even more unique vintage goodies. We also sell a wide range of brand new vintage clothing, vintage style clothing and accessories, rockabilly dresses and retro clothing online and in-store.

Emma, My Vintage x
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