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50s Fashion
The trade-mark femininity of the 1950s is constantly being re-cycled in contemporary fashion, yet channelling the true feeling of that era can only really be achieved...
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Vintage Style
The 1950’s was the decade of sweater girls, James Dean, and the jitterbug. It was also the decade when teenagers became teenagers:not just smaller...
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brand new my vintage black sequin/bead flapper dress
Brand New My Vintage Black Sequin/Bead Flapper Dress
vintage 1970s white peplum polka dot dress uk size 12
Vintage 1970s White Peplum Polka Dot Dress UK Size 12
vintage 1950s abstract print pencil dress uk size 12
Vintage 1950s Abstract Print Pencil Dress UK Size 12.
vintage 1980s abstract print tiered mini dress uk size 12
Vintage 1980s Abstract Print Tiered Mini Dress UK Size 12