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Vintage Prom Dress | 50s Dresses

Why Original Vintage Wins Every Time on a Big Night Out!

Why original vintage wins every time on a big night out!


It’s the big night out. Seriously, you’ve been looking forward to this one for months. High streets and web trawled, you’ve found the perfect dress and heels. You want to stand out but not look too ‘try hard’. Glad rags on, you don’t want to blow your own trumpet but you look pretty hot!

A couple of hours in and that awful dread feeling creeps over you. You’ve spotted two different girls in the same high street number. Feeling completely bummed out, you grab another prosecco and spend the night avoiding your dress twins. Night wasted.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of high street fashion, but it’s always wise to broaden your horizons and mix things up with some original vintage in your wardrobe. And here’s why…


1. No dress twin disasters

The above situation has happened to us all, it’s practically unavoidable. But with vintage there is no such risk. You find genuine one-of-a-kind pieces, whose twins are likely long gone or at the other side of the world. You get quite a kick from sharing how it’s unattainable anywhere else.

“Oh wow, where DID you get your dress?” “Oh this? It’s vintage!” Bam.


2. Guaranteed quality garments

Today’s society, and of course fashion, is very much disposable. ‘Throw away’ dresses that you have every intention of wearing just once. At the risk of sounding like your grandma, it really was better in the old days, at least when it came to clothes. Made to last and often handed down for many years, better quality workmanship with more hand made and less machinery made clothes back then just better. Enjoy superior tailoring, stunning fabrics and attention to detail in your vintage pieces.


3. Experimentation fun

The fun in vintage for many is finding something quirky, maybe in unique prints or unusual fabrics. Check out this gorgeous patterned maxi dress in it’s bright and bold print – We just love it!


Vintage Dress | 1970s Dress


4. Nostalgia

There’s a story in every piece. You may not always know it, but it is a wondrous pastime to conjure up stories. Was your new dress worn in the 1920s by a flapper, or to a wedding in the 1950s? Perhaps an 1980s rock groupie? Who knows!

I wonder what stories this beautiful original 1950’s vintage prom dress has to tell? If only it could talk!

Original 50s Rose Print Prom Dress!


Vintage Prom Dress | 50s Dresses


So there you have it, vintage wins!

It’s an investment and when done correctly, will last you a lifetime…plus no more dress twins and more time to enjoy yourself (and soak up all those compliments)!


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Bye for now

MV x

vintage tshirts | Retro T-Shirts | Vintage tees

The Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage T-Shirts


Vintage t shirts can evoke memories from a bygone era with words and pictures emblazoned on the front that remind you of a certain time in your life. They go back to the 50s, where they were little more than something you wore under a shirt, if you were a man, as an undergarment. Marlon Brando and James Dean wore the t-­shirt as an outer garment and so started a trend that still exists today. Today we have celebrity slogan t-­shirts, t-shirts with our favourite bands on, t­-shirts with their latest album title across the front. Over the past 50 years we’ve seen the simple t­-shirt go from undergarment to fashion staple.


Vintage Tees | Retro Tees | Retro T-Shirts

Vintage Tees


It was the sixties that did it for the t-­shirt really when it was seen as a form of rebellion, when a generation protested over Vietnam and demanded peace with pictures of their heroes emblazoned on the front. T-­shirts were now worn by both men and women alike. Che Guevara is one of the most iconic images and one of the most popular to feature on the front of a t-­shirt, even today.


Punk in the 1970s brought ripped t­-shirts and pins and the 1980s gave us big baggy t­-shirts with Frankie Says, and Wham with their Choose Life. Football teams took advantage of the t­-shirt phenomena seeing a perfect opportunity to advertise their team’s achievements and soon clothes designers came along and produced their own. T­-shirts with slogans and the eponymous tank top (not to be confused with double knits and David Cassidy) were now riding the crest of a wave.


If you’ve not lived through the first forty years of t­-shirts and you really want a vintage tee, then take someone with you when you go shopping and do your research. You may be looking for a vintage band t shirt from the 70s, or a tee with a particular slogan, if you know what you’re looking for, you’re halfway there. The shape of a vintage t-­shirt will be different too; they’ll be much baggier than today’s t-­shirts which are usually skinny fit. The majority of T­ shirts from the 70s on-wards were usually a loose fit, but you can always look out for the smallest size. You may also discover the delights of the cropped tee, only worn by those with washboard stomachs, but don’t match with a head band across the front of your forehead unless you really feel you must.



Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be a plethora of online stores as there are for other vintage items. There might be some rooting around called for, but this is the joy and the fun of searching out vintage clothes, the battle to find that one true item you desire, then after hard work and determination, finding it. Don’t give up; they’re wonderful items of vintage clothing to collect and as with any other vintage piece need a lot of care and attention. So find that vintage tee and wear with pride!


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Vintage Polka Dot Print

Vintage Print – Polka Dot

Vintage Print – The Polka Dot


It’s hard to argue that the most popular and iconic vintage print is the humble polka dot. From the 1920s to the 1980s, we’ve seen this simple spotty pattern emerge time and time again in varying forms. Even in modern day reproduction clothing, polka dot patterns are vastly used as they just scream vintage style.


Back in the nineteenth century, spots were used as decorative flourishes on delicate lace fabrics, until around 1850 when printing machines became more sophisticated and could print regular repeating patterns. It just so happened that at the same time, Europe was experiencing a huge new dance craze which reached as far as the USA. This traditional Czech folk dance was called the polka, and as well as this name being attributed to the new spotty print, it was also give to other items like hats, jackets and even puddings. They even called it Polkamania!


As we know, the 1920s was all about the rising of the youth. Polka dots were a young and fun print that was embraced by many, including Norma Smallwood (Miss America 1926) who wore a knitted polka dot swimsuit. Popular culture also jumped on the polka train and in 1928 Disney introduced the wonderful Minnie Mouse in all her red and spotty glory! Minnie’s polka dot hair bow was representative of the many different accessories that were now being worn by the flapper girls, and frivolous was chic!


Vintage Polka Dot Dress

80s Mint Green Polka Dot Dres


In start contrast, the polka dots of the 1930s were more austere in browns, greens and navy blues. Often, dots would be printed discretely on sheer chiffons which encompassed the sophisticated glamour of the decade.


By the 1940s, couture fashion houses were beginning to use the polka dot in their designs. Still relatively demure if not a little serious, the likes of Jacques Faith and Christian Dior incorporated spotty textiles into their designs. Not least memorable was in Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ collection of 1947, leading the polka dot into the fabulous fifties. He once described the benefits of the polka dots in his designs: ‘According to their colour … they can be versatile … Black and white for elegance; soft pinks and blues for prettiness; emerald, scarlet and yellow for gaiety; beige and grey for dignity.’


The post war austerity had lifted by the 1950s, and finally the fun and frivolity of fashion returned. Polka dots, like many other prints, got bigger and brighter in the 50s and were featured on every possible garment from dresses to scarves, knitwear to shoes as well as home decor items too! There is absolutely no doubt that this era was the absolute heyday of the spot! Polka dots also worked well on screen and celebrities loved to wear them. The playful Lucille Ball was rarely seen without a spotted print and the uber glamorous Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell both wore polka dot halterneck dresses to the 1953 premiere of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


Paloma Faith | Vintage Fashion


The polka dots of the 1960s were very different indeed. The space age style that was embraced by the likes of Courreges, saw unconventional materials being used in fashion such as metals, plastics and papers. This gave a new life to the polka dot pattern, taking away from pretty pastels and floaty femininity to bright, bold and edgy. Pop art also played a part in the popularity of the polka dot, and the art of Lichtenstein used tiny monochrome spots in a cartoon comic book style. Polka dots were also incorporated into psychedelic patterns that nodded toward the hallucinogenic effects of taking drugs. Fashion might not have done sickly sweet in the sixties, but it did do doll-like cuteness, inspired by the amazing Twiggy of course. Pinafores and mini dresses were spotty, as well as earrings, hats and even tights thanks to Mary Quant!


When it came to the 1970s, polka dots really did fall from grace. There wasn’t room for this simple and repetitive pattern in the intricate and experimental prints of the boho movement. Seventies fashion was romantic, whimsical and pulled from history of centuries passed. There are the odd 70s garments in spotty prints but these are few and far between. If you adore polka dots, seventies fashion should probably be low down on your list of vintage to source!


The 1980s was never going to neglect the polka dot! Not only was it the era of excess, statement dressing; it was also the era that had a huge 50s revival! Mid eighties style demanded attention, and polka dots covered everything from power suits to dresses, hats to handbags, shoes to blazers and everything in between. Colours were loud, bold and clashing!


Vintage Style Polka Dot Dress


Fashion moved into a very understated and simple world in the early 90s, but the polka dot was still held in high authority. In the iconic 1990 film Pretty Woman, Julia Robert’s character wore a brown and white polka dot dress to the races, demonstrating her change from prostitute to sophisticated woman! The longevity of this simple spotty print has relied upon changes in scale and colour over the years and it’s success has been assured. It’s a style that will never date and one that has many more decades of style left in it.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and please feel free to share!


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Vintage Dresses | Vintage Dress | Vintage LBD

Vintage Dresses – The Little Black Dress

Vintage Dresses – The Little Black Dress (LBD)


Coco Chanel started the trend and other designers followed the trend. We have the style icons to show us how to wear it, with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe showing us how to rock the little black dress, elegant and sexy with minimal effort. From Rive Gauche/YSL to Givenchy the little black dress was and still is the epitome of style and class. You can buy a brand new LBD anywhere these days, body con is very now, but there is no better black dress than a vintage black dress.


It just comes with so much more magic, mystery and pizzazz than one bought on the high street. How about a Gatsby inspired Miss Selfridge dress from the 1940s? What would you give for an identical Givenchy number like Audrey Hepburn perhaps, worn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or a strappy 1970s dress, or an eighties Frank Usher with fluted panels?


Vintage Dress | Vintage LBD

Vintage Frank Usher Dress


There are sites online that feature LBDs from every era. You can choose a favourite decade and pick your little black dress. I know, it’s enough to make your spine tingle. Surprisingly; not all vintage black dresses are expensive either, you can easily find one for less than £100 if you do your homework. Dress it up or down with accessories, a pair of flat black pumps, vintage of course, followed by a simple clutch or a small leather purse. Jet earrings or simple gold studs; wear your little black dress in whichever way you want.


Vintage Dresses | Vintage Dress | Vintage LBD

1970s Vintage Black Fringed Dress


The original little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the opening scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and designed by Hubert de Givenchy was sold at auction in 2006 for a staggering £467,200 at Christie’s auction house. It was one of three made for her as the Manhattan socialite Holly Golightly in the 1961 film based on the book by Truman Capote.


If your budget won’t quite stretch that far then take a look online and you can find some real vintage gems. Be careful for titles like “vintage inspired” or “vintage style.” It’s either vintage or it isn’t. But there are some little gems hidden away, forties styles make for particularly good LBDs. Lots of detail on sleeves, lovely shapes and cinched in silhouettes. Plenty of lift in the shoulders and stop at the knee, for those sick of LBDs stopping at the thigh, you’ll be relieved to find that a lot of vintage dresses, depending on which era you’re looking at will go to the knee or below.


Vintage LBD | Vintage Dresses

Vintage 1950s Black Silk Cocktail Dress


Most of all enjoy it, vintage is about equality, it’s universal and global and it’s for everyone. It’s about the love and appreciation of fashion from bygone eras and styles that left their stamp on each decade. The LBD made its own contribution and long may she reign.


Thanks for reading, it would be great to hear from you!

My Vintage!


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Vintage Dress Infographic

Vintage Dress Infographic From My Vintage


My Vintage brings you four fun facts about vintage dresses in this infographic…


Vintage Dresses | Vintage Dress


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Vintage Christmas | Vintage Fashion

A Vintage Christmas


A Vintage Christmas


Fancy a theme for Christmas? If you’re attending any parties this Christmas you may find it’s a Christmas theme. Most people will roll out the same stale ideas they bring out each year. They have to go sexy and run to the fancy dress hire shop for a sexy Santa outfit or run one up on the sewing machine – if they can be bothered. It’s all cheap red velvet and white fur. Maybe a matching Santa hat with white pom pom and heels. Fine, if that’s how you like it. Very festive, however if you’re aiming for something a little different and maybe a little more original and still look sexy then it’s time to take a look at Christmas themes and looks that may have been around long before you were born for the kind of Christmas outfit no one will forget.


Vintage Christmas | Vintage Fashion


A 50s Christmas

Depending on how far back you want to go you could choose any decade in which to find your festive look. The fifties is a perfect choice however, and will certainly create a look that’s authentic and original AND sexy to boot. 1950s sweater girl was a term to describe the movie stars of the 1940s and 50s such as Lana Turner, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell. Tight figure hugging sweaters were matched by pouting red lips and well-fitting bras that emphasised a woman’s physique and hour glass figure.


Vintage Clothes | Vintage Christmas


The 1950s was certainly a decade where the fuller figure was appreciated. Find yourself a 50s or 40s sweater and match with the best quality bra you can find that will emphasis cleavage and shape, match with a skater skirt and flat two tone bowling shoes, ballet pumps or peep toe shoes. Sweep your hair back into an Alice band or curl and twirl with some tongs or GHDs and match with dramatic makeup. If you go for dramatic lips, make sure the rest of your face is bare with well-shaped eyebrows. Too much make up spells drag queen; you want immaculate lips, pale eyes with a little sweep of liquid eyeliner and luscious eyelashes. Then you want well shaped eyebrows that frame the face. Innocent but beguiling.


Ginger Rogers Christmas | Vintage Clothing


How about a festive Ginger Rogers look, taking some glamour from the 1930s? A long slip dress from the thirties with a white shrug and matching heels, hair swept off face and tucked into the nape of the neck. Maybe something with more of a 20s feel with a cloche, full length flapper dress with matching jacket with muted reds and greens. Red lipstick and pencil thin eyebrows. There are lots of ways you can do Christmas and it doesn’t always have to be the obvious overly sexy Santa look. As we have seen there are plenty of other more imaginative looks you can adapt to suit the occasion from any era you want. It’s entirely up to you how you decide to celebrate Christmas this year!


Until next time!

MV x


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karl lagerfeld holding tote bag

Karl Lagerfeld – A Vintage Fashion History Profile

Karl Lagerfeld – A Vintage Fashion History Profile



Karl Lagerfeld in black and white

His Early Life


Born in Hamburg on 10 September 1933, Karl Lagerfeld was to become one of the most influential designers of our time.

Everything about Lagerfeld and his story simply fascinates me. As a child, he would cut out images of models and catwalk looks from magazines, as well as breakdown and criticise what other children wore to school. When he hit teenage years, he immersed himself into high end fashion. At the tender age of 14, he moved to Paris to further his experience and career.

Lagerfeld had been in Paris for about two years, when he submitted a series of sketches and fabric swatches to a fashion design competition. He took first place in the ‘Coat’ category and met a fellow winner who would become a close friend. That friend was Yves Saint Laurent.


Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent

Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent

His Career


For the next few years, Lagerfeld worked as a junior assistant and apprentice for the house of Balmain. He then moved to another fashion house to undertake the role of Creative Director. Continuously working hard, he gained invaluable experience and knowledge that would lead him to start out on his own in 1961.

Lagerfeld went on to design collections for a range of elite labels, including Fendi and Chloe. He was really starting a make a name for himself with his innovative and recognisable designs. Lagerfeld had a love affair with vintage fashion and would scour flea markets for old clothes to re-engineer.


fashion design by Karl Lgerfeld

1960s Lagerfeld design



Lagerfeld was know for his tendency to jump from one fashion house to the next, he never sat still and settled with just one. At each post, he made great success and popularity meaning his career is one that can be matched by very few.

In the early 1980s, he managed something that most people thought was impossible. Chanel was a label that most had written off as dead. It no longer worked with the times or with the young, modern minded elite. Lagerfeld didn’t hesitate. He came into Chanel and transformed their fortunes with a popular ready to wear fashion line.





It was in 1984 that Lagerfeld first launched his own label, with the concept of ‘intellectual sexiness’. The brand grew and became renowned for bold statement pieces and quality tailoring. In 2005, Lagerfeld sold the label to Tommy Hilfiger.



Recent Years


Lagerfeld continues to keep a busy schedule, branching out into film and photography and even homeware. In 2011 he designed a range of glassware for Orrefors. He has also brought out a clothing line for Macy’s and opened his own flagship stores.


karl lagerfeld holding tote bag


Lagerfeld possibly brings more to designer vintage fashion than any other designer has. We love his designs just as much as his story, and it’s always exciting when we find a new treasure.

These are a few current favourites from our collection…



You can find these, plus more stunning vintage fashion from Lagerfeld on our website here…


And if that wasn’t enough to make you love Mr Lagerfeld, there’s one more thing I forgot to mention. He love cats and his feline friend Choupette is his pride and joy. She is cared for my an army of assistants and nothing is too good for her! That just makes me love him a little bit more!


Karl Lagerfeld with his cat Choupette


Until next time!
Em x


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vintage Christian Dior jumper

Goodbye Summer – Hello Vintage Knitwear!

Goodbye Summer – Hello Vintage Knitwear!  


Well, the kids are back at school and that familiar nip is in the air. Summer has taken a curtain call but that means it’s time for some vintage knitwear!

I feel like knitwear is an underrated wardrobe staple that we all need a little more of. One of my favourite elements of autumn and winter fashion is layering, and knitwear is a big part of that. From chunky arran knits to fine and delicate cardigans, vintage knitwear will certainly hold treasures for you.

I am going to guide you through the virtual rails at My Vintage and find 5 perfect knits for your autumn wardrobe. Let’s go…


1 – 1980s Louis Feraud Pearl Beaded Jumper Dress

vintage jumper dress

My first selection is the unusual vintage jumper dress by Louis Feraud. Wear this with the deep V to the front or the back for a sexy cocktail look. This will also look great worn casually with layers and jeans.

I love the neutral palette and the gorgeous pearl details. It’s a very special piece and approximately a modern UK size 8.


2 – Original 1970s Vintage Black Wool Tea Jumper UK Size 10/12

black vintage jumper

By complete contrast, this black vintage jumper from the 1970s is very simple. It’s a neat little tea jumper in a luxurious lambswool blend and goes with so many different outfits. This is vintage knitwear that you  will wear both day or night, it’s so versatile!

It is an approximate modern day UK size 10/12


3 – 1970s Designer Vintage Christian Dior Roll Neck Jumper UK Size 10/12

vintage Christian Dior jumper

I love vintage designerwear. There is just something so special and interesting about it. This Christian Dior roll neck is absolutely fantastic, and a very clever investment. It doesn’t come more versatile than this, it is a true piece of style. You can wear this with jeans, under a pinafore dress or tucked into a pencil skirt! It will look amazing no matter how you style it and will see you through many more years to come.

It is an approximate modern day UK size 10/12.


4 – Vintage 1980s Zandra Rhodes Baby Pink Cardigan UK Size 16/18

vintage zandra rhodes cardigan

For something more unusual, this designer vintage cardigan from Zandra Rhodes is amazing! I love novelty knits and this hand with sparkling nails is so cool! It will look great with your skinny jeans and also looks good worn oversized.

This is approximately a modern day UK size 16/18.


5 – Original Vintage 1980s Blue Mohair Cardigan up to UK Size 20

vintage mohair cardigan

I simply have to choose this vintage mohair cardigan, because it’s adorable! The striking shade of blue will look great with so many outfits and I can just imagine that snuggly feeling it will give you! Another great example of oversized chic, this will fit anyone up to a modern UK size 20.

I’m sure you’ll agree that vintage knitwear never looked so good! You will find these beauties plus lots more amazing vintage fashion on our website

Until next time!

Em x